Neurological Surgery, PC was founded in Freeport in 1958 and was the first practice on Long Island to adopt routine collaborative care for complex spinal conditions. Neurological Surgery, PC are leaders in “bloodless” brain and spine surgeries, including ultra-sonic spine surgery, radiosurgery, and laser spine surgery. With offices in Rockville Centre, Lake Success, West Islip, Port Jefferson Station, and Bethpage, it is important that prospective patients be able to quickly find the location nearest to them, among these New York area offices.

The Problem:

The website of Neurological Surgery, PC, lacked consistency regarding messaging and strong call to actions. Additionally, the company’s outdated brand image and mobile strategy had a negative impact in today’s digital presence. Incorrect information was showcased in certain areas, and the website was lacking in SEO and marketing. Another crucial element was for the website structure to flow correctly and for users and admins to have an optimal experience.


Since the website’s infrastructure was crumbling by the day and the person who implemented the site was no longer available, MaxBurst determined that an entirely new website—with a design that improved both UI and UX—was the most appropriate, cost-effective solution. It was determined that an up-to-date Content Management System was necessary to reduce “glitches,” allowing problems to be handled easily and efficiently. Of course, there were stumbling blocks to overcome along the way.

The Solution

Following a comprehensive evaluation of the Neurological Surgery website, MaxBurst implemented the following solutions. The theme interface for the latest version of WordPress platform was seamlessly coded and the latest available technologies were utilized on the site to optimize both user and admin experience. Bootstrap mobile responsive grid was used to ensure the website is optimized on mobile devices as well as desktop platforms and the new website framework was built on the LAMP stack.

In order to save office admins time, patient forms (via online forms) were implemented. Capturing user attention was addressed, using strong call-to-action principles to persuade users to submit information and inquiries. WordPress custom theme coding was utilized and integrated into the website and SEO Optimized Plugins were also utilized and integrated. A blog/news area was designed and included in the new WordPress site, allowing admin to post new article content easily and quickly.

Patient testimonials that showcase the professionalism and quality of NSPC doctors and staff were integrated into the website, with a location section added to help patients easily find locations and necessary information for each location. Best practice UI/UX design and development control through content management platform were implemented and in order to preserve SEO rankings, Setup 301 redirects in an HTACCESS file for old to new links.

Existing social media campaigns were integrated into the new website allowing users to interact with social media sites and Captcha anti-spam and email verifications were added to all web forms. MaxBurst added the ability for users to sign up for information or a newsletter, with industry standards and best practices for web security and intrusion detection utilized across the board.

The Results

The changes made by MaxBurst on the Neurological Surgery, PC website provided a fresh look, increasing the ease of use, making the site more responsive to those using mobile devices. A comprehensive update was implemented for Neurological Surgery, PC to solve the problems and deficits associated with the site. Implementing current website design best practices focused on UI and UX. The changes made improved the visibility of the site, making it easily editable on the admin end. The site changes allowed increased productivity in the workplace and increased ease for patients, not to mention increased leads.

The mobile responsiveness of the site is a major benefit in today’s mobile society, creating additional traffic. This additional traffic translates into more leads, and more leads equal more patients for Neurological Surgery, PC. Adding testimonials from satisfied patients brings more patients and including an online patient form in both English in Spanish also increases the number of patients. Prospective patients can now search physicians, seeing the specialty of each physician showcased. Office locations and contact information are available at-a-glance, and patients have quick access to request a consultation.

Basic tasks have been simplified, both on the patient/user side as well as on the admin side. More attention to SEO was deemed necessary—and implemented, and the overall visibility of the site was significantly improved. There were a number of challenges associated with this website update. The site now looks and functions beautifully, and with the improvements implemented, future growth is not only possible but highly probable.

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