Clear Vision

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It’s important to remember that what works for on person is not always what might work for you. Changes in the financial markets are intimidating and staying the course during times of uncertainty can be tough to do. Oftentimes, the idea “The grass is greener on the other side” comes into thought. This leads to emotional decision making, which in the long-term harms returns.
It’s easy to go on the defense when markets turn but staying the course is essential for long term results. The bottom line is that we are professionals for a reason, we cut the emotional aspect of decision making out of the equation and make logical decision for you and your vision. ClearVision Wealth Management was created to bring all this into focus…. under on roof.


ClearVision wanted strong attention towards design and content detail along with powerful, yet intuitive tools for advanced content management, and digital marketing capabilities.

MAXBURST recoded the entire site on the latest version of WordPress along with customizing the admin area for simpler and quicker website updates.

In addition to assistance with content placement and messaging strategy, MAXBURST also planned and integrated better call-to-action elements throughout the site for more conversions while carefully following the set brand guidelines for the organization.

Also, with Google Search now including Core Web Vitals as the foundation for evaluating page experience, the new website have these metrics areas available and actionable as possible.

We have optimized and speed up PageSpeed insights based on industry standards and seamlessly integrated an intuitive and simple to use learning management system into the new WordPress build.