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We aim to create distinctive, dependable outdoor apparel. So far, so good. After almost 10 years, we’re happy to say our namesake Cleverhood rain capes are popular in cities around the world. We hear from a nice global array of neighborhoods. We’re a small team in Providence working with talented garment workers, textile suppliers and component makers.
 We strive to support local economic development (like Detroit’s Industrial Sewing and Innovation Center) and small suppliers. We’re conscious of the sustainable impact of materials. Our latest rainwear is PVC-free and some fabrics are from recycled materials.


Cleverhood was looking to design its website to utilize all the latest web technologies available along with introducing new features, an updated interface and leverage the latest WordPress CMS Framework. The new website will provide its users with an entirely web-current online presentation which is easy to navigate, simple to find information and an effortless approach to browsing on multiple browsers and devices including mobile platforms with a responsive layout system.