Heckscher Museum

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The Heckscher Museum of Art presents dynamic exhibitions and inspiring museum programs, serving the people of the Town of Huntington and all of Long Island. It maintains an important Permanent Collection that includes more than 2,300 pieces by American and European artists. The Heckscher Museum was founded in 1920 by
Anna and August Heckscher who donated the Museum building and 185 works of art to the Town of Huntington. Mr. and Mrs. Heckscher envisioned Heckscher Park and the Museum as the center of the community’s cultural, recreational, and social life. Inspired by that vision, the Museum has championed the value of publicly accessible art and arts education for everyone.


The Heckscher Museum of Art will have its new website URL located at and is looking to design its website to utilize all the latest web technologies available along with introducing new features, an updated interface and leverage the latest WordPress CMS Framework. The new website will provide its users with an entirely web-current online presentation which is easy to navigate, simple to find information and an effortless approach to browsing on multiple browsers and devices including mobile platforms with a responsive layout system.