Jiu Jitsu Modern

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Jiu Jitsu Modern is a premier academy that offers a comprehensive approach to Jiu Jitsu, focusing on leveraging technique and practical skills to instill confidence and self-defense capability in all students, regardless of age. Under the guidance of Carlos Rosado, Jiu Jitsu Modern provides a supportive and inclusive environment for individuals seeking to enhance their physical fitness, learn self-defense, and even compete in tournaments.

With a strong emphasis on competition readiness and a dedication to helping students achieve their full potential, Jiu Jitsu Modern stands as an ideal destination for those looking to embark on a Jiu Jitsu journey. Joining their esteemed academy can unlock the numerous physical and mental benefits that Jiu Jitsu has to offer with the guidance of their experienced team.



The Jiu Jitsu Modern website needed an update to better serve new and potential students. The old site wasn’t mobile-friendly and lacked a welcoming feel. It could be intimidating for visitors. To fix this, we transformed the website into a sleek, mobile-friendly platform. The new site features a clean, modern design with the academy’s white, black, and gray color scheme, plus vibrant visuals. We focused on user engagement by adding lead forms and integrating social media elements like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This redesign not only boosted functionality but also brought the academy’s dynamic energy to life.

We set out to make Jiu Jitsu Modern stand out from the competition. By showcasing the academy’s warm and welcoming gym culture, we created an inviting atmosphere online. We added detailed content about their specialized jiu-jitsu instruction, making it appealing for both seasoned practitioners and newcomers. Our goal was to reflect the academy’s dedication to providing a safe and supportive environment for all ages. The new site truly captures the essence of Jiu Jitsu Modern.