Rent EBoards

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Rent EBoards is your one-stop shop for everything PEVs. Whether you already have a board and are looking to connect with others, shop for parts & accessories, need your board serviced, or have never even tried one, rest assured you’ve found the right place. We currently have multiple independently owned and operated

locations across the country, which allow us to curate localized experiences by creating a community of other riders in the rapidly growing PEV industry. The locations specialize in the renting, selling, and servicing of Onewheels, Electric Skateboards, Electric Scooters, Electric Bikes, Electric Unicycles, and more.


Renteboards was looking to optimize their online store and checkout for conversion on Shopify Plus. Their store consists of both purchasable and rentable products, with a custom app that helps to sync their main store to each of their franchisee’s based on their inventory.  The new website will provide its users with an entirely web-current online presentation which is easy to navigate, simple to find information and an effortless approach to browsing on multiple browsers and devices including mobile platforms with a responsive layout system.