Web Design for Accountants

Without a solid presence on the web, you lose out on potential clients and revenue. A strong site can help you enhance your business by drawing new clients and showing them that you are reputable before they even enter your firm.
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How can a website benefit your firm?

Bring in new clients

Do you recall the last time you searched for information on a business? Perhaps you needed to call an
electrician, find a new plumber or select a hotel for an upcoming vacation. How did you go about it? If you’re like most individuals, you used Google or some similar search engine.

Search engines such as Google are becoming the principle method people around the globe use to find what they are searching for. Meaning, it’s probable that potential clients in your location are using them to find accountants, and the only way they will discover you is with a properly designed website.

Accelerates the sales cycle

An effective design assures people find what they want and can promptly contact your firm. It places essential selling points precisely where the visitor’s eyes go and offers the tools to request quotes, ask for information, or contact you and your partners directly.

Positions you as trustworthy and dependable

At least 75% of online users determine the trustworthiness of a website based on presentation as opposed to content. While this is mildly discouraging for the writers and content creators, it implies that web design for accountants is incredibly vital.

When your website looks appealing and functions properly, visitors see you as trustworthy and professional. As an accountant, this is critical. People don’t want to put their finances into the hands of a dubious firm, and an effective website can be just what you need to show potential clients that you are credible.

What factors are involved in web design for accountants?

Now that you recognize why web design is crucial for accountants, you need a design that helps you meet your business goals. Keep in mind; potential clients are considering whether or not to work with you based on your website, so it has to deliver the same professionalism and expertise as the remainder of your marketing strategy. The following elements will achieve this:

Brand Identity

It’s likely you already incorporate your firm’s name and logo on each piece of marketing material you create. It should also be clearly visible on every page of your website. The easiest way to do this is to design a template wherein they show up at the top of the page, with contact information at the bottom.


Potential clients don’t want to click around your website endlessly to find what they need. If they have to wade through multiple pages with confusing navigation, they’ll probably leave in favor of a website that is more convenient to use.
Preferably, the bulk of your pages should be accessible with just a click or two. Put your most pivotal content directly on the homepage, and make the remainder of your navigation as user-friendly as possible.


Your profession depends on organization, and your website should take that into account. Position photos and text in an easy-to-understand format and use clear descriptions so visitors recognize exactly where to go for more information.

Calls to Action

Each page should foster further interaction, regardless of whether you want visitors to contact you, go to a different page, or download premium content. Make it evident on every page what users should do next and make these calls to action obvious.


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