GarageTek is a revolutionary garage organization company that gets “stuff” off garage floors, then uses a patented wall storage system to maximize the space. Thousands of American garages have been transformed with the GarageTek system. The “typical” GarageTek system includes a custom design, professional installation—and, most importantly, guaranteed satisfaction. To begin a GarageTek installation, the walls of the garage are covered from floor to ceiling with our patented TekPanel® that supports clippable high-performance cabinets, shelving, activity racks, and accessories.

TekPanel® is a durable glossy wall panel designed to be clean, waterproof, weatherproof, bugproof, and fire-rated and will never warp, rot, scratch, ding, dent, or rust. GarageTek is different from other garage organization systems because it implements custom designs that fully meet the customers’ needs and the needs of their families. The GarageTek system offers amazing flexibility—while the components are securely installed, they are not permanently fixed, allowing rearrangement.

The Problem:

MAXBURST prides itself on our ability to understand a client’s “pain points.” After a thorough analysis, we create a successful digital experience that not only looks fantastic, but also performs for the client for many years to come. Our primary objective for GarageTek was to provide a world-class digital agency-based solution that would brand and position the new digital web presentation for the U.S. market.

GarageTek’s site was built on a theme that simply missed the mark as far as meeting today’s digital requirements. Our objective was to better reflect GarageTek’s growing brand identity by completely re-engineering the online web and mobile experience. GarageTek wanted increased functionality for its site that would provide customers with live quotes. Additionally, GarageTek wanted to facilitate these live quotes to the accounts of sales personnel and owner-operator accounts.

The Analysis:

We determined that a complete redesign for GarageTek was necessary with attention not only to the design but also to content detail. Within that redesign, we would place a strong concentration on powerful, intuitive tools for advanced content management and e-commerce capabilities. We wanted to emphasize content placement and messaging strategies while including strong call-to-action elements for lead generation and e-com capabilities.

The Solution:

Along with the redesign of GarageTek’s site, we implemented a landing page split-screen for “Do It Yourself” (store) and “Do It For Me” (corporate). Multi-sites were included to account for the Do It Yourself and Do It For Me as well. We used the latest web technologies and SEO-friendly methods as we designed and coded the site. A search lookup specific to products on the store side was included to make it easy for customers to find what they needed quickly and efficiently.

A Dealer Locator frontend design was implemented, along with specific Franchisee pages for all dealers. A consultation scheduling form can now be sent to Franchisees based on their state and city. We laid out the product pages for GarageTek in a manner similar to those of an Amazon layout, including image, zoom, and content bullets. To help DIYers, we included a custom calculator to determine how many product Panel kits would be necessary.

Along with an updated sitemap and an improved ability to easily navigate, we included a design assistance page to help those that choose a DIY approach. The site now utilizes all the latest available technologies, with the goal of optimizing user and admin experiences. The new website framework is built on the LAMP stack (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP), using a Bootstrap mobile responsive grid in order to ensure the website is correctly rendered on every device.

Throughout the content management platform, best practices for UI/UI design and development control were implemented, while the theme interface was seamlessly coded into the latest version of the WordPress platform. In an effort to capture user attention, leading them to submit information and inquiries, strong call-to-action principles were implemented. SEO-optimized plugins and custom theme coding in WordPress and WooCommerce were utilized and integrated.

We integrated current social media campaigns into the new website, allowing users to interact with social media sites like FB and Twitter from the new web platform. Captcha anti-spamming and email verification were added for all web forms to prevent Malware and Spam. Industry standards and best practices for intrusion detection and web security were implemented into the new website. Finally, we added Setup 301 permanent redirects in an HTACCESS file for old to new links as a means of preserving SEO rankings.

The Results:

The finished product for GarageTek included a creative, high-end design that is easily editable on the admin end, allowing for increased productivity in the workplace and increased leads. The multi-site “Do It For Me,” and “Do It Myself,” allows customers to quickly find which service they need. The site has vastly increased mobile responsiveness, easy navigation, is ADA compliant, and implements brand continuity throughout.


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