eVero is a family-oriented business devoted to supporting individuals with developmental disabilities, both in community outreach endeavors and business endeavors. Through eVero Outreach, the focus is on enhancing the lives of those in the communities served. Seminars are provided each fall and spring to those with disabilities to teach them marketable job skills, enabling them to find and keep gainful employment.

The computer basics course through eVero allows individuals to reach their full potential in the areas of technology and information, including the fundamentals of Microsoft Word, Excel, and the Internet. HireMe! Interview Skills seminars prepare individuals for interviews—a daunting part of the journey into the workforce.

eVero believes in technology that drives care; they have been helping health and human services organizations of all sizes to solve complex technology challenges for more than two decades. The proprietary software platform of eVero optimizes workflow while increasing transparency and productivity. eVero was founded by brothers Christos and Constantine Morris who are committed to ensuring all individuals—especially those living with intellectual and developmental disabilities—gain access to quality support services.

The Problem:

After a thorough, comprehensive analysis of the eVero website, MAXBURST found that while the current site passed an initial mobile responsiveness test, there were glaring issues regarding mobile devices that needed to be addressed. In short, the site lacked consistency among mobile browsers and had web template limitations. Some mobile devices failed to fully display the site, making it difficult for end-user navigation. The new site version would require resolution from a UI/UX and conversion standpoint.

The eVero website required a re-imagined design and brand with an emphasis on current UI/UX principles. MAXBURST realizes that web design is more than just pretty images on a screen, rather is a natural extension of the brand story, setting the tone for an online presence. Great web design provides an immersive brand experience for users, allowing online connection and participation.

The designers at MAXBURST dive deep to immerse themselves in the industry and brand aesthetic, often finding new ideas not previously considered. The collaborative process at MAXBURST involved the team at eVero every step of the way, ensuring the new website truly represented eVero and its business. The eVero site lacked major functionality and key features, built wholly on a theme that fails to meet today’s requirements.

The site was not optimized for first impressions, including web content writing, company messaging, and strong call-to-action elements. MAXBURST understands how important first impressions are to a company—if the message is not clearly defined in the first 3-5 seconds, the result is generally a high bounce rate. We will implement effective and compelling design and messaging techniques as a means of keeping each user fully engaged.


Our objective for the eVero website was to completely re-engineer online web and mobile experiences to better reflect the growing brand identity and online visitors. We wanted to increase functionality for eVero to provide prospective customers with live quotes while facilitating information to owner-operator accounts and sales personnel. Our updates will ensure consistency throughout the site, incorporating Administrative best practices. User-friendly site navigation is essential as is message consistency.

The Solution:

The MAXBURST team completely reimagined the design and brand of eVero, implementing a content restyle, and an increased ability to easily navigate the site. eVero now has the ability to create pages on the fly, while their website is ADA compliant, and includes an updated sitemap. The new eVero website framework is built on the LAMP stack (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP), using the Bootstrap mobile responsive grid.

This ensures every device will correctly and optimally render the website to the user on all mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms. The site will now utilize all the latest available technologies as a means of optimizing both user and admin experiences.  MAXBURST seamlessly coded the theme interface into the latest version of the WordPress platform, using best practice UI/UX design and development control throughout.

Strong call-to-action principles were implemented to capture user attention, enabling them to easily submit inquiries and information. SEO optimized plugins and custom them coding in WordPress and WooCommerce were utilized and integrated. All existing social media campaigns were integrated into the new website by MAXBURST so users can now interact with social media sites like FB and Twitter from the new web platform. We set up permanent redirects into an HTACESS file for old to new links to preserve current SEO rankings.

Captcha anti-spamming and email verification were added to all web forms in order to prevent Malware and SPAM and industry standards and best practices were utilized by MAXBURST for web security and intrusion detection.

The Results:

The MAXBURST team built a creative, high-end design into the new eVero website. The new website is easily editable on the admin end, providing increased productivity in the workplace. The new site will result in increased leads, through its easy navigation and mobile responsiveness. The site is ADA compliant and includes brand continuity throughout.

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