KD Capital Equipment is one of the largest machinery dealers in the United States, doing business internationally, as well. As a family-owned and operated business that takes pride in a diverse and attentive staff, as well as the fact that customers are always treated fairly, KD Capital has grown into one of the largest used machinery dealers in North America. Providing CNC machinery, industrial manufacturing, fabrication equipment, machinery sales, machinery purchases, machinery trade-ins, and machinery appraisals, KD Capital Equipment’s base is in Scottsdale, Arizona. KD Capital holds themselves to the highest standards of honesty and integrity, working closely with clients, and believing in the philosophy of building and maintaining long-term relationships.

The Problem:

The KD Capital website was running slower and slower. Navigation on the site was clunky and awkward, with an outdated appearance. The company had no mobile strategy, effectively eliminating a huge portion of potential customers who attempted to access the site from their smart phone or tablet. Compounding the problem, the company’s product database, website database, and tracking database were all kept separately and maintained separately. When a change of information or addition of a product was necessary, each of the three databases were required to be updated individually. Keeping accurate data was difficult with the system, and products were often left out of one of the databases. The SEO for the site had dropped significantly over time, limiting visibility in industry-related searches, and making it difficult to be seen by potential customers.


The KD Capital website was in desperate need of a complete overhaul—an update simply would not solve all the site’s problems. Implementing current website design best practices was necessary, focusing on UI and UX. It was crucial for basic tasks to be simplified on both sides—customers and admins. All the KD Capital Equipment data needed to be available in a single, centralized location. More attention to SEO was deemed necessary, and the overall visibility of the site required improvement as well

This project had a lot of challenging pieces which made it exciting. We structured their entire product database and moved from an old table format to an improved product attribute system. They had over a million products and 150,000 attribute values. Not only does the site look and function beautifully but with this improvement, they have opened the door to many more possibilities in the future to grow.

Project Management Team

The Solution

A brand-new website was developed for KD Capital by MaxBurst. The site was built on the Salesforce platform, implementing a state-of-the-art Content Management System (CMS) and enhancing quoting needs. Once all three databases were integrated into a single platform, editing and updating them was much simpler, and the changes in one database seamlessly carried over to the others. Tracking customer interactions with specific products became much easier; the ability to capture leads in a variety of ways and interact with those leads now provides a better understanding of how customers use the site and what they are looking for.

The new site allowed customers to easily search for products, finding specific items quickly and efficiently. Custom filters provide the ability to narrow a search to specific criteria. The site was given a much-needed mobile update, allowing users to browse and purchase KD Capital products on their smartphone or tablet. Admins were given the ability to add videos to each product, as well as to the homepage. These videos enhanced customer engagement, effectively showing what specific products could do. The new site allowed the latest arrivals and special deals to be posted to the homepage, keeping customers fully informed, and the site-up-to-date.

Comparison tools were added which allowed customers to compare the different features and attributes for several products in order to choose the product which would best meet their needs. Tracking was added which was based on when customers activated pricing. The content on the KD Capital site was refreshed and updated with a goal of enhancing SEO and improving KD Capital’s visibility to potential customers. A better system for mining and nurturing leads was put into place; this system included a notification of what product page each new lead came from. This allowed the sales team to know what each potential customer was interested in.

The Results

The changes made by MaxBurst on the KD Capital website provided a clean, fresh look, making it easier to use and more responsive for those using mobile devices. SEO improvement created a more visible site which drives more traffic to KD Capital. More traffic equal more leads, which turns into more—and better—sales. Employee productivity increased as well, paving the way for overall revenues for KD Capital to increase.

Our team spent many, many weeks mapping out the flow for the website structure and getting ready for a full implementation with wordpress, woocommerce and Salesforce. When a site of this size launches, it’s a proud moment for us all!

Development Team at Maxburst

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