At New York Tent, the complexities of organizing and producing spectacular events are well-understood. New York Tent provides attention to detail, quality materials, technical know-how, and skilled assemblers to clients, who have come to expect that their expectations will not only be met, but exceeded, each and every time.

New York Tent has been producing sensational tented affairs since 1994, including world-class sporting events, luxury social events, corporate galas, and large music festivals. Serving clients’ needs with hands-on planning and a sophisticated design sense provide the key to executing every event with flawless precision.

The Problem

The website for New York Tent lacked major functionality, as well as key features for the industry. The website failed to adequately speak to clientele, which resulted in harm to the brand. The mobile presence of New York Tent was non-existent, and the structure and sitemap were extremely outdated. Although the industry knowledge and skills of New York Tent was stellar, the website failed to properly keep pace.

Since many people use mobile devices, it is essential that a website is optimized for mobile viewing so that potential clients will not be excluded. All of these issues came together, causing glitches, as well as a decrease in website traffic and low pageviews. In turn, this can lead to a decline in leads, therefore a decline in business. New York Tent needed a completely reimagined design for their brand.


It was crucial for New York Tent to have a unique, creative design, preferably one with animation, that would wow the public. Many similar businesses integrate videos of past events to showcase the business’ capabilities, and this was a definite goal for New York Tent. It was also determined that potential customers would benefit greatly from an FAQ page, which would help them gather important information about New York Tent and its products and services. Strong call-to-action principles needed to be implemented in order to more fully capture the attention of users, leading them to submit inquiries and ask for information. It was also determined that a blog/news area would also increase the number of leads, as it would generate excitement and enthusiasm among users.

The Solution

MaxBurst knew that it would be crucial to implement strong call-to-action principles on the New York Tent website to engage the attention of users, persuading them to submit their requests for information as well as other inquiries. The first goal was to create a unique, creative design—with animation—that would wow visitors as soon as they clicked onto the site. Filters were added, making it much easier for visitors to find the perfect ideas for their specific event. A wish list page was integrated into the website, allowing users to share a page with colleagues, friends, family members, and event planners. Videos of past events were showcased to provide a window into the capabilities New York Tent offers its customers.

An FAQ page was added to the website, allowing customers to quickly locate information pertaining to their specific event. All existing social media campaigns were integrated into the new website, allowing users to fully interact with social media sites right from the new platform. Captcha anti-spamming and email verifications for all web forms were added to prevent Malware and SPAM. Contact Us forms now automatically integrate with third-party online email marketing service (Intellievent) specific to the event planning business. A blog/news area was added, which allows admin to post new article content quickly and easily.

Overall, industry standards and best practices for web security and intrusion detection were implemented into the New York Tent website by MaxBurst. In the technical arena, the new website framework was built on the LAMP stack, using the Bootstrap mobile responsive grid to ensure the website is optimized on every device. Best practice UI/UX design and development control was achieved through the content management platform, and SEO optimized plugins and custom them coding in WordPress were utilized and integrated.

The Results

The redesigned website now offers brand continuity and a creative, high-end design that WOWs potential customers. Visibility for the New York Tent website has been vastly improved, adding a splash page that invites users in with strong messaging about the New York Tent brand. The homepage is full of creativity and thoughtfulness, including such features as bistro lights that animate as the user scrolls, a starry background sky that fades at the footer, and event-type animation.

With increased mobile responsiveness, and the changes to the website, the company will see increased leads, and will enjoy easily editable pages for admins resulting in increased productivity in the workplace. The products offered by New York Tent are now showcased with high-end imagery, and MaxBurst added a wish list and email options for portfolio pieces as well as custom filtering options.

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