Lara is a well-established manufacturer and wholesaler of a renowned brand. With over a decade of experience, they sought to expand their reach and transition to a direct-to-consumer (DTC) model. Their goal was to elevate their brand recognition and create a website that aligned with their design ethos and showcased their exceptional product range.

The Problem faced limitations with their existing non-optimized eCommerce platform, hindering their outreach efforts. They operated in a highly competitive market and needed a website that would effectively cater to a diverse range of users, showcased their products, and facilitated growth in a competitive market.


Maxburst conducted a comprehensive assessment of Lara’s business model, company objectives, and existing website. After careful evaluation, it was determined that migrating the website to Shopify would offer the ideal solution for:

  • Faster Load times
  • Better User experience
  • Strong content and copy with easy to read/consume product feature descriptions
  • Fast and easy checkout

Shopify’s robust eCommerce functionality and customization options made it the perfect fit for’s website requirements. They also identified the following functional requirements that are needed within the new website:

  • Integration with ERP
  • Metafields for Product descriptions
  • Social Media Shopping integration
  • User reviews and UGC to display on products
  • RMA system for an easy return system for both customers and the shipping department.


Maxburst proposed a two-fold solution: designing a visually captivating website that aligned with Lara’s brand and seamlessly migrating their product catalog and content to Shopify. The aim was to provide a user-friendly and immersive online shopping experience for their customers.

Maxburst worked closely with to migrate and optimize their extensive product data, ensuring a smooth transition to the new eCommerce site. The design team created a visually stunning website that captured the essence of Lara’s brand, while the development team implemented Shopify’s powerful features to enhance the user experience.

Finally, they integrated the following apps to meet the functional requirements indicated by Lara:

  • Stamped Reviews: Enables users to submit reviews and ratings for products or services.
  • Instafeed: Displays the user’s Instagram feed directly on their website or app.
  • SellerCloud: Manages and streamlines online selling operations, including inventory, orders, and shipping.
  • Klaviyo: Automates email marketing and personalization for targeted customer communication.

The Results

Maxburst successfully migrated and optimized Lara’s product data, facilitating a seamless transition to the new eCommerce site. Since the launch, has experienced a significant increase in direct-to-consumer sales. The new website design effectively showcases their products, enhancing brand recognition and driving growth.

By partnering with Maxburst and leveraging the capabilities of Shopify, Lara has successfully transformed their online presence. Their collaboration with Maxburst has allowed them to reach a wider audience, increase their sales, and establish their brand as a leader in their industry.

To explore Lara’s improved online presence, visit their website at Maxburst’s collaboration with demonstrates the power of strategic website design and migration to fuel business success.