Say goodbye to smudges, streaks, and grime, and say hello to crystal-clear views with WCR, a premier platform that caters to all window cleaning needs. Its innovative hub connects homeowners and businesses with skilled professional window cleaners for unparalleled window cleaning excellence Whether opting for the traditional cleaning method or the advanced water-fed system, Window Cleaning Resource (WCR) or caters to all preferences, ensuring meticulous results tailored to individual requirements.

The Problem

WCR pointed out that their main challenges with their e-commerce site revolve around the checkout process, product page layout, transitioning from their previous Magento platform, and balancing familiarity with innovation. Their checkout process was inefficient, resulting in lost sales opportunities, while their product page layout failed to provide comprehensive information to potential customers. Transitioning from their previous Magento platform required a seamless migration strategy. Moreover, despite the improvement they want to implement, they do not want to overwhelm their customers with a brand-new look


WCR pain points stemmed from an inefficient checkout process, where complexities and slow loading times led to frustration and potential cart abandonment. Their product page layout, characterized by horizontal tabs, limited the visibility of comprehensive information, hindering potential customers’ ability to make informed purchase decisions. Additionally, transitioning from Magento required careful planning to ensure data integrity, SEO preservation, and a smooth migration process. Striking a balance between familiarity and innovation also needs to be addressed, as WCR desired improvements without overwhelming its existing customer base.


Maxburst comprehensively analyzed WCR’s e-commerce site and developed a tailored solution to address its pain points. To enhance the overall user experience, Maxburst proposed migrating the site from Magento to Shopify Plus, a professional and modern platform with powerful features. The new website design would adopt a contemporary theme and focus on improving the Design/UX UI of key pages such as the home page, product page, collection page, collection list page, and cart page.

During the migration process, Maxburst ensured a seamless transition of important data. This included migrating product information, product categories, manufacturers, customer details, billing and shipping addresses, and order information.

Additionally, Maxburst integrated the following third-party applications to enhance the new site’s functionality further.

  • Gorgias: Automate customer support and improve satisfaction.
  • ShipperHQ: Optimize shipping processes for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Mailchimp: Enhance marketing efforts and build customer relationships through email campaigns.
  • Avalara: Simplify tax compliance and accurate sales tax calculations.
  • SellerCloud: Streamline inventory, sales, and order management across platforms.
  • Zonos: Expand international sales with accurate duty and tax calculations.

Here are the additional solutions implemented by Maxburst:

  • Implemented 301 redirects to maintain SEO rankings and ensure seamless redirection from the old site to the new one.
  • Migrated static content from WordPress to maintain continuity and consistency in content.
  • Established a subdomain for the Window Cleaning Resource community or embedded the Discourse platform for enhanced community engagement.
  • Created a subdomain for hiring services,, linked to the new site for easy access.
  • Integrated Shopify Payments as a secure and reliable payment gateway.

These solutions successfully addressed SEO preservation, content migration, community engagement, hiring service accessibility, and secure payment processing for WCR’s e-commerce site.

Throughout the process, Maxburst carefully preserved WCR’s brand identity through consistent visual design, messaging aligned with the brand’s voice and values, curated imagery and graphics, and a tailored user experience. The result was an enhanced e-commerce experience aligned with Windowcleaner’s goals and aspirations.

The Results

The collaboration between WCR and Maxburst yielded impressive results. The streamlined checkout process led to a reduction in cart abandonment, maximizing sales opportunities. The redesigned product pages provided potential customers comprehensive information, fostering confidence and facilitating informed purchase decisions. WCR successfully transitioned to Shopify Plus, benefiting from a robust and scalable e-commerce platform that can support its growth objectives.

By thoroughly analyzing WCR’s pain points and delivering a customized solution, Maxburst empowered WCR to enhance its online presence, increase customer satisfaction, and drive business success in the competitive window cleaning industry.