Personal MBA Coach is a boutique, MBA Admissions Consulting Firm founded by a Wharton MBA and MIT Sloan Graduate who sits on the Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants Board of Directors. Since 2008, our MBA Admissions Consulting team has helped hundreds of applicants across the globe gain entrance into the school of their dreams. We help develop winning profiles and select schools. For those who have already drafted their MBA application essay, the insider knowledge and proprietary approach of Personal MBA Coach can transform your application. 

Personal MBA Coach allows clients to work one-on-one with an expert who will help navigate all aspects of the MBA application process. This can include essay editing, mock interviews, school selection, and GMAT/GRE/EA tutoring. Following a deep analysis into the client’s background, Personal MBA Coach clearly identifies the objectives. Personal MBA Coach has had clients accepted at every top business school, including Harvard Business School, Wharton, MIT Sloan, and Stanford GSB. 

The Problem:

The Personal MBA Coach website lacked consistency throughout. There was little messaging consistency, few strong calls to action, and site navigation that was far from user-friendly. The site’s brand image was outdated, requiring a complete reimagining, with a strong emphasis on current UI/UX principles. 

The site’s mobile strategy resulted in a negative impact; users on smartphones and tablets were not receiving the same view as those on a desktop. Since developing a mobile presence is a great way to grow a business, this aspect was crucial. 

Accessibility to the business, building a digital brand, growing an online audience, improving search engine rankings, and providing a better way to sell and market are all achieved via a strong mobile presence. Finally, in addition to lacking major functionality, the Personal MBA Coach website also lacked necessary key features needed to promote the business. 


The Personal MBA Coach website required an update to ensure consistency throughout the site. Administrative best practices were necessary, including strong calls to action throughout, user-friendly site navigation, and message consistency across the board. A robust, responsive mobile site was required to ensure the messaging is clear across all devices. The site required a totally reimagined design that included password-protected pages, and an overall ability for users to easily navigate throughout the site. 

The Solution:

MaxBurst completely reimagined the Personal MBA Coach website, implementing a fresh design and a restyle of the content. The most up-to-date web design technologies available were used, improving and optimizing site navigation for users and administrators. A new website framework was built on the LAMP stack (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP), using the Bootstrap mobile responsive grid to ensure every device renders the website correctly and optimally.

The form platforms were made more consistent, allowing all those interacting with Personal MBA Coach to do so easily and dynamically. The site’s new, updated design was seamlessly integrated, coding the theme interface into the latest version of the WordPress platform, thus increasing the ease of editing and customization of each page. This included the utilization and integration of SEO-optimized plugins and custom theme coding in WordPress and Woocommerce.  

To preserve SEO rankings for existing pages, 301 permanent redirects were set up in an HTACCESS file so old links would automatically be taken to new links. MaxBurst implemented best practices for UI/UX design and development control throughout the content management platform. Integration with Zoho CRM and Mail Chimp and the ability to purchase specific services directly through the site using Woocommerce were also included.

To improve lead generation, stronger calls to action were implemented on the website as a method of compelling users to interact with the site in a more dynamic manner. These strong call-to-action principles more competently capture user attention, compelling them to submit information and inquiries. Password-protected and form-protected pages were added for admin use, allowing site administrators to share information more easily behind the scenes, while keeping the site running in an effective manner.

All the social media campaigns for Personal MBA Coach were integrated into the new website, allowing users to interact with social media sites like FB and Twitter directly from the new web platform. This improves site interaction and lead generation even more, while providing a built-in promotional tool.

To further increase site interaction ease, Captcha anti-spamming and email verification were added to all web forms to screen out bots and prevent SPAM and Malware. Finally, industry standards and best practices for web security and intrusion detection were implemented into the updated site to ensure the site is safe from attacks.

The Results: 

Personal MBA Coach’s website is fresh, creative, and high-end, not only increasing the experience of visitors but also making it easily editable as well as easier for administrators to maintain. Gated, protected pages increase lead capture, and the site is integrated with CRM for ease of use. The result is an easily navigable site that is totally mobile responsive, featuring brand continuity throughout.    

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