Telecom Rentals is in business to supply telecom testing equipment rentals to the Construction and IT industries. Their core competencies include on-demand, immediate service and delivery. Telecom Rentals operates in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

The Problem

Telecom Rentals did not have a website. The company would like to expand and move to an e-commerce platform for rentals. They wanted to implement branding, messaging, UI/UX, and lead captures. Tracking their rental equipment is a concern. Finally, Telecom Rentals needs the website to be a tool for existing customers. Datasheets and videos are an essential feature on the site.


Telecom Rentals needs a website that makes it easy for customers to arrange, track, and manage their equipment rentals. The website should include datasheets and videos on their rental products and an FAQ page to quickly help customers find answers to their questions. The site should use industry standards technologies and best practices to optimize the UI/UX design and the user and admin experience. Finally, the content must Implement strong call-to-action principles to capture users’ attention.

The Solution

MaxBurst recommended a new website framework built on the LAMP stack (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) using the Bootstrap mobile responsive grid to ensure that every device renders the website correctly and optimally to the user on all mobile tablet and desktop platforms. MaxBurst built the site on the latest version of the WordPress platform. The custom theme integrates SEO Optimized Plugins.
The website includes tie-ins to existing social media campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. For security, the site uses CAPTCHA anti-spamming and email verification for all web forms to prevent SPAM and Malware.

The Results

The new Telecom Rental website showcases the business with a creative, high-end design. The new site is mobile friendly and accessible to customers on every device. Finally, it offers rental order tracking and other useful resources for customers. Now, Telecom Rental has a cohesive brand identity across all its media. Maxburst expects powerful self-service options for consumers to deliver increased leads.

Three of the most important features are:

  • Customers can rent products for different timeframes with tracking and provided return dates.
  • Customers can access Datasheets and Videos to help them maximize their results with their rental products.
  • The website provides FAQs to help answer customer questions.

On the backend, the ease of administration has delivered increased productivity in the workplace.
Telecom Rentals needed to improve its online presence. The new, mobile-friendly website gives customers increased freedom to manage their equipment rentals easily.

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