For over thirty years, The Album Master has been a trusted name in the photo preservation industry. It started as a full-service color lab. A decade later, it has expanded to include album services. This evolution allowed The Album Master to become a comprehensive solution for preserving precious memories. Located in Fairfield, New Jersey, the company has built a reputation for its meticulous attention to detail and dedication to quality.


Every album crafted by The Album Master is a testament to their commitment to excellence. They stand out from their competitors by offering personalized service, flexibility, and a wide range of album options. The company uses only the finest materials so that each photo album not only looks stunning but also stands the test of time. By managing every aspect of production in one location, The Album Master offers prompt and personal service to its clients, delivering a seamless experience from start to finish.

The Problem

Although it features well-organized order forms and a useful leather selection demo, the Album Master’s website faces critical challenges in communication and functionality. Currently, the site does not effectively inform the office of customer updates, nor does it efficiently communicate product changes or sales to customers. The small photos and the inability for office staff to modify the site hinder user experience and operational flexibility. Additionally, the lack of features for adding seasonal alerts, specials, and file uploads during the ordering process limits customer engagement. Addressing these issues is essential for improving customer interaction and operational efficiency.


To enhance The Album Master’s website, Maxburst has pinpointed the need to improve the synchronization of customer information updates and office notifications. This would streamline the flow of information. The website also needs better customization tools to enable office staff to swiftly update content. This includes enhancing photo upload capabilities for better visual representation. Additionally, integrating dynamic features like seasonal alerts, special announcements, and file uploads during ordering can significantly enhance customer engagement.

Addressing these concerns will further enhance customer interaction, operational efficiency, and overall user satisfaction on The Album Master’s website.

The Solution

Maxburst proposes a comprehensive overhaul to address the album Master’s website challenges while enhancing user experience and functionality. Currently, the site struggles with informing the office of customer updates and communicating product changes or sales. To resolve these issues, we will integrate robust communication tools and alerts. The order forms, though well-organized, will be improved with file upload capabilities, ensuring a seamless customer experience.


To enhance visual appeal, we will feature vibrant, full-width images at the top of each page, complemented by clean, white-background product photos. The layout will be user-friendly, with a concise header menu that remains fixed at the top. The main content area will be optimized for readability, occupying a balanced portion of the screen. Additionally, a discreet, solid-color bar for alerts and sales will be incorporated at the top to keep customers informed of the latest updates.

Our design will focus on creating a streamlined, visually engaging product page that consolidates information on a single page for easy navigation. The website will also include essential functionalities such as a search feature, email list sign-up, new customer registration form, and a generic contact form. Future enhancements will include a link to an online photo lab ordering site.


We aim to maintain a neat layout with neutral colors, ensuring the colorful products stand out. This approach caters to both existing business customers who seek efficiency and new customers exploring the products. By implementing these changes, Maxburst will deliver a modern, functional, and visually appealing website that meets all operational needs and enhances the customer experience.

Key Features

Highlights of just a few of the many features MaxBurst implemented in The Album Master design include:

– Integration of robust communication tools and alerts

– Improved order forms with file upload capabilities

– Inclusion of vibrant, full-width images and clean, white-background product photos

– User-friendly layout with fixed header menu for easy navigation

– Optimization of main content area for readability

– Incorporation of discreet, solid-color bar for alerts and sales

– Streamlined, visually engaging product page for easy navigation

– Inclusion of essential functionalities such as search feature, email list sign-up, new customer registration form, and generic contact form

– Neat layout with neutral colors to highlight products

The Results

Following an extensive overhaul and enhancement by Maxburst, The Album Master’s website has yielded notably positive results. The revamped website has significantly improved communication with our office, thereby enhancing both customer experiences and operational efficiency. As a result, there has been a marked increase in customer engagement. This can be attributed to the implementation of new features, such as file upload, seasonal alerts, and an improved mailing list prompt.

In addition to this, the website’s enhanced visual appeal and user-friendliness have effectively attracted a larger audience, subsequently amplifying visibility and engagement with our target demographic. The integration of new functionalities has notably optimized the ordering process and elevated overall customer interaction. Consequently, the website now epitomizes modernity, functionality, and visual allure, effectively aligning with operational requirements and augmenting overall customer satisfaction.