Milburn Flooring is a well-established flooring company known for its comprehensive range of high-quality residential and commercial flooring solutions. With a commitment to exceptional service and customer satisfaction, Milburn Flooring has built a strong reputation in the industry. However, their existing website fails to reflect their expertise and lacks the necessary functionality to drive sales and engage customers effectively. Milburn Flooring sought the expertise of our web development team to revamp their website and create a modern online platform that aligns with their business goals.


Initially, Milburn Flooring found several shortcomings on its website. It lacked dynamic and up-to-date content that would engage customers regularly. It is also challenging for them to attract and retain visitors because they find their website outdated in design and functionality. Without an e-commerce platform, the company’s ability to tap into new revenue streams and expand its market reach is very limited. In addition, their photo galleries were basic and did not effectively showcase the quality of their work. The lack of video content deters them from demonstrating completed projects. Overall, the website hindered Milburn Flooring’s ability to showcase its offerings and generate leads effectively.


Upon analyzing Milburn Flooring’s website, it became evident that a complete overhaul was necessary. The website lacked modern design elements and failed to provide a seamless user experience. It was crucial to address the limitations and incorporate essential functionalities to enhance engagement and boost sales. Moreover, a visually appealing and user-friendly interface was necessary to establish Milburn Flooring as a reputable and forward-thinking industry leader.


Our team at Maxburst collaborated closely with Milburn Flooring to develop a comprehensive solution. The focus was on creating a modern and visually appealing website with robust functionality. The key components of the solution included:

  1. Modern Design: The website was redesigned with a clean and contemporary aesthetic to make a strong first impression and improve user engagement.
  2. E-commerce Platform: A fully integrated e-commerce system enabled customers to browse, select, and purchase flooring products directly from the website. A dedicated customer login portal was also developed for streamlined order placement.
  3. Room Visualizer Tool: To enhance the customer experience, a room visualizer tool through Roomvo was integrated. This allowed users to visualize different flooring options within their spaces, aiding decision-making and increasing customer satisfaction.
  4. Comprehensive Product Catalog: A well-organized and easily navigable product catalog was created, including a Quick Ship product filter to facilitate quick and convenient browsing.
  5. Enhanced Media Showcase: The website now features visually appealing photo galleries and a home page slider to showcase Milburn Flooring’s impressive portfolio. Video content, including time-lapse examples and completed project videos, was incorporated to provide a comprehensive view of their work.


The implementation of the new website for Milburn Flooring yielded significant results. The key outcomes achieved include:

  1. Improved User Experience: The modern and intuitive design and enhanced functionality provided visitors with an enjoyable and seamless browsing experience.
  2. Increased Sales and Revenue: Integrating an e-commerce platform allowed Milburn Flooring to tap into new revenue streams and expand its customer base. Customers could conveniently browse and purchase products directly from the website, leading to an upsurge in sales.
  3. Engaging Visual Showcase: Including captivating photo galleries, a home page slider, and video content effectively showcased Milburn Flooring’s work. It reinforced its reputation as a trusted flooring provider.
  4. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Integrating a room visualizer tool empowered customers to make informed decisions by visualizing different flooring options in their own spaces. This personalized experience contributed to increased customer satisfaction and confidence in their choices.
  5. Establishing a Modern Online Presence: The revamped website positioned Milburn Flooring as a forward-thinking company, dedicated to providing cutting-edge flooring solutions. The new design and functionality aligned with industry standards, enhancing their credibility and attracting a broader audience.

By addressing the limitations of its previous website and implementing a comprehensive solution, Milburn Flooring experienced significant improvements in its online presence, customer engagement, and overall business performance.