My Main Supply is an esteemed company known for its customer-centric approach and proficiency in providing superior electrical supplies and comprehensive solutions. They believe in putting customers at the forefront, ensuring their needs are met and exceeded. Armed with a team of brilliant minds, they delve deep into understanding the diverse requirements of their clients, offering a range of cutting-edge products backed by extensive industry knowledge.

My Main Supply is not just a supplier; they are visionaries who strive to revolutionize the electrical supply landscape. They foster enduring partnerships and emerge as the preferred choice for all electrical supply requirements.


My Main Supply’s website posed a hurdle for potential customers who desired a convenient purchasing process without requiring an account number. This restriction hindered user engagement, limited sales opportunities, and prevented the company from fully capitalizing on its customer base.


Maxburst thoroughly analyzed My Main Supply’s website to identify the underlying issues and opportunities for improvement. The team identified the need to implement a user-friendly interface allowing customers to shop and buy products without the need for an account. They also recognized the importance of incorporating different pricing structures, accepting credit card and PayPal payments, offering free shipping options for orders above a specific value, and featuring various promotional strategies such as sale prices, BOGO sales, coupon codes, and promotions. These enhancements would enhance user experience, attract a broader customer base, and boost sales.


Maxburst embarked on a comprehensive web development project to transform My Main Supply’s website into a user-centric, sales-oriented platform. They revamped the website’s interface, creating an intuitive and seamless shopping experience that eliminated the need for an account number during the purchase process. Maxburst integrated secure credit card and PayPal payment options, allowing customers to choose their preferred method. They also introduced pricing structures to cater to diverse customer segments and implemented a free shipping threshold to incentivize larger orders. Maxburst also incorporated various promotional strategies to engage customers and drive conversions, including sale prices, BOGO sales, coupon codes, and promotions.


The collaboration between My Main Supply and Maxburst yielded remarkable results. The newly optimized website witnessed a significant increase in user engagement, with more customers exploring and making purchases.

By addressing the key issues and implementing tailored solutions, Maxburst successfully transformed My Main Supply’s website into a customer-centric platform that maximized user experience, increased sales, and solidified its position as a preferred choice for electrical supply needs.