TicketOS specializes in corporate ticketing and the technology that drives it. Their seamless, integrated platform unites marketing, sales, finance, and other departments, maximizing the value from client entertainment and ticketing.

TicketOS aims to revolutionize sports and entertainment ticket management. They connect people with unforgettable experiences and provide a user-friendly, efficient solution that enhances ROI. With a vision to empower businesses and deliver unforgettable experiences, TicketOS helps organizations maximize revenue potential and bring stakeholders together through efficient ticket asset management

The Problem

TicketOS’s primary concerns in their new website revolve around low conversion rates and the need to attract qualified traffic. The existing site architecture, content, and brand expression must be more effective in driving visitors to request a demo. Additionally, there is a lack of integration with HubSpot for seamless lead management. They also felt the absence of dedicated content sections for blogs, press releases, news, and informative pages. TicketOS recognizes the importance of improving these aspects to enhance conversions and effectively communicate its offerings to the target audience.


The analysis of TicketOS’s concerns and objectives reveals the following key areas to address for the new website:

  • Conversion Optimization: Improve SEO and SEM strategies to attract more qualified traffic. An enhanced user engagement will also be necessary for increased conversions. Enhancements to site architecture, content, and brand expression are crucial in achieving this goal.
  • Functional Requirements: Incorporate seamless integration with HubSpot for demo requests, and include dedicated content sections for blogs, press releases, news, feature and functionality pages, services, about us, and our team. Highlight open roles and collaboration opportunities to engage potential partners.
  • Visual Elements: Utilize captivating and immersive design methods, including imagery and storytelling techniques, with animations and contemporary web styling. This will enhance user experience, extend view time, and drive conversions.
  • Color Preferences: Since there are no specific color preferences, there will be flexibility in creating a cohesive and visually appealing brand identity.
  • Social Media Integration: Integrate TicketOS with LinkedIn and Twitter to expand their online presence and engage a wider audience.
  • Sitemap and Blogging: Develop a well-structured sitemap for easy navigation, and include a dedicated blog section to provide valuable insights and updates to visitors.
  • Additional Inclusions: Enhance the “About Us” section to showcase the company’s mission, values, and information on working with TicketOS, establishing credibility, and fostering trust.


The TicketOS website underwent a complete redesign and custom development process. Maxburst focused on design and content detail to create a visually appealing and user-friendly interface. The emphasis was placed on UI/UX design, employing image-driven storytelling techniques, animations, and contemporary web styling to enhance user engagement and prolong view time to creat. The goal is to create e a highly optimized website that drives conversions, enhances the user experience, and effectively communicates TicketOS’s value proposition.

Collaborating closely with TicketOS, Maxburst implemented the following for ticketos.com.

  • The website’s digital presence was enhanced as a robust online engagement and response tool. Improvements were made to the functionality and usability to optimize online search capabilities. It also provides a seamless user experience.
  • All the previous website’s relevant design assets and content elements were carefully migrated to the new build. This ensures speed optimization and design precision. The site was recoded on the latest version of WordPress, enabling easy management and customization of the platform. The admin area was also tailored for efficient website updates.
  • Strategic call-to-action elements were integrated throughout the site to increase conversions and encourage demo requests. Expert assistance was provided to optimize content placement and develop a coherent messaging strategy. Maxburst also ensured that these aligned with TicketOS’s brand image and values.
  • A newly designed web navigational structure was implemented for intuitive user navigation.


The revitalization of the TicketOS website by Maxburst yielded impressive outcomes, elevating its performance and impact. The redesigned website effectively increased conversion rates by attracting a greater volume of qualified traffic and generating a higher number of demo requests from potential leads.

The revamped website successfully enhanced user engagement by incorporating captivating visual elements, immersive design methods, and storytelling techniques. Additionally, the seamless integration of HubSpot streamlined the lead capture and management process, enabling efficient tracking and follow-up.

Overall, Maxburst’s efforts on the TicketOS website reflect a successful transformation. The website now serves as a powerful tool for driving conversions, with increased qualified leads and improved user engagement. By seamlessly integrating HubSpot, providing valuable content sections, and enhancing the overall user experience, TicketOS has solidified its position as a leader in corporate ticketing and event management solutions.