Rent EBoards is a one-stop shop for everything PEVs. They currently have multiple independently owned and operated locations across the country, which allow them to curate localized experiences by creating a community of other riders in the rapidly growing PEV industry.

Each Rent Eboards location specializes in renting, selling, and servicing Onewheels, Electric Skateboards, Electric Scooters, Electric Bikes, Electric Unicycles, and more.

The Problem

Renteboards’ store consists of both purchasable and rentable products across several locations in the US. They relied on a custom app to sync their main store to each of their franchisee’s based on their inventory.

While the use of a custom software serves its purpose for the store, this is generally a project associated with high cost, not to mention its customized setup can be time consuming and prone to technical complexities. Its implementation may also require the organization to hire a technical staff to manage the store, which can be a disadvantage if they need one for each location.


When going for custom software, there is the extra worry of needing to get relatively high technical proficiency, setup and implementation always require a lot of time to arrive at completion, and it is not always the best option when there already exist numerous cheaper canned solutions which are capable of addressing a wide range of requirements and functions.

With Rent Eboards’ several locations, and the possibility of acquiring more in the future, they need cost-effective e-commerce website solutions with easier handling and management requirements. This will allow them to immediately address unforeseen complications, save up, and invest more on establishing a stronger online presence through high-end design and carrying out digital marketing campaigns.


Midknight Genius understands the importance of simplicity in user experience for any e-commerce website, as well as Rent Eborads’ need for high-end design, and they look to deliver on all fronts by optimizing their online store and checkout for conversion on Shopify Plus.

The new website will provide its users with an entirely web-current online presentation which is easy to navigate, simple to find information and an effortless approach to browsing on multiple browsers and devices including mobile platforms with a responsive layout system.

The Results

Midknight Genius built a Direct-To-Consumer based website on Shopify Plus for using a contemporary and modern design with a new theme. The Design\UX UI includes the home page, product page, collection page, collection list page, and cart page.

On the product page, Midknight Genius custom built out of the stock section to show inventory from other locations and have incorporated their Rentals services. They also build out a parent site and a child site which then can be duplicated when necessary.

They also implemented the following:

  • Individual city sites (start with Houston)
  • Shop pages: If the city is out-of-stock for a product, pull all other listings
  • Integrated services as products as well. Prepay or pay after the service is performed via checkout.
  • Books with the calendar time. You can double book time for rentals but nor services.
  • Rentals: Choose a product – Choose days/hours/week – These are the hours for pickup/drop off (double booking is ok if needed for times not products). Set up blocks manually for availability
  • Multi store sync for product content/images/tags/etc.
  • App for rentals
  • App for services (selling services by appointment)