Specializing in high-quality blank apparel from leading brands, Threadsy is more than a marketplace; it’s an experience. With a commitment to swift order fulfillment and real-time customer support, Threadsy ensures a seamless journey for its clients. No order is too small with their Everyday Best Price and no minimum requirement.

Passionate about empowering individuals and small businesses, Threadsy is more than a retailer; they are a catalyst for creativity. Whether you’re crafting, styling, or expressing yourself, they provide the blank canvas – be it a t-shirt or tote bag – and leave the rest to you, so you can bring your creations to life!

The Problem

The challenge at hand is to revamp Threadsy’s existing online presence, migrating from Magento to Shopify Plus. The current platform lacks the desired simplicity in user experience crucial for e-commerce success. Additionally, the goal is to cater to wholesale apparel and accessories, focusing on a Hybrid DTC\B2B customer base. The challenge involves seamlessly incorporating multiple integrations such as SellerCloud, Avalara, Klaviyo, YotPo, and various marketing and analytics apps.


In our analysis, we recognize the need for a modern and contemporary design that strikes a balance between informative content and e-commerce functionality. Optimization for user experience and conversion across different devices, including desktop and mobile, is pivotal. The Design\UX UI encompasses crucial pages, including the following:

  • Home
  • Product
  • Collection
  • Cart
  • Static Pages
  • My Account
  • VIP Status
  • Wholesale
  • Quick Order Form
  • Bulk Matrix Order Form


Maxburst proposes a comprehensive solution by migrating from Magento to Shopify Plus, aligning with Threadsy’s requirements. The new design will be contemporary, emphasizing a seamless user experience. Integrations with SellerCloud, Avalara, Klaviyo, YotPo, and other apps ensure a robust and efficient e-commerce ecosystem. Platforms enhancing conversion, loyalty, and retention was implemented during the build phase.

Additional support involves:

  • Setting up Shopify Payments as the payment gateway
  • Post-launch assistance
  • Establishment of 301 Redirects to mitigate any potential loss of organic traffic


Upon project completion, Threadsy will boast a modern and user-friendly e-commerce platform. The new site is expected to enhance the customer experience by facilitating wholesale transactions for Hybrid DTC\B2B customers. The implemented integrations and suggested platforms will contribute to increased conversion rates, customer loyalty and retention.

With Shopify Payments in place and thorough post-launch support and training, Threadsy’s transition is set for success, minimizing disruptions and maximizing the benefits of the new digital infrastructure.