Local Search Engine Marketing May Help Your Company Reach Its Geographical Area Sales Goals

A comprehensive local search engine marketing plan is a powerful strategy.

A BIA/Kelsey study found that almost 97 percent of consumers now search online for products and services located in their area. They use a mix of search engines, comparison type websites, online directories and other sources. Out of those options, 90 percent preferred using online search engines to find nearby businesses. That’s good news for your company. Gain new local customers by benefiting from this ongoing trend.

Rank High in SERPs to Attract Local Customers Who Are Ready to Buy

A high rank in search engine results pages (SERPs) is the goal of every business that advertises online. To gain the most exposure, go with a mix of search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and pay-per-click advertising. With planned online marketing, your advertisement, local directory listing, or article link appears on or near the same page as other businesses that rank the highest. In that sense, local SEM works like a magnet to pull in the right customers into your shop.

Get Listed in the Updated Mobile-Friendly Local Google+ Pages

It’s not by chance that in recent years, “mobile friendliness” has become Google’s focus for local search. The 2014 Local Search Association Conference reported that 78 percent of those surveyed used their mobile phone to search for a local business and then bought something. In 2015, Google followed the movement towards mobile shopping. It updated its Google+ pages to reflect how shoppers want to buy today. The pages now include extra local search terms and easier site navigation. The simpler format helps consumers find more local businesses in the search results. Because of the changes in Google+ pages, your business directly benefits from local search now more than ever before.

Select Relevant Keywords to Bring in the Best Customers in Your Area

The effectiveness of any local search marketing campaign can be traced to its keywords. For many, choosing appropriate keywords is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a time commitment to conduct research and plan it right. There’s a way to stay productive and within budget. Consider calling on asearch engine marketing specialist. You’ll get someone who’s experienced in conducting local keyword research and keyword management. A professional knows how to pick and place keywords in the best way that helps your business reach its marketing campaign’s goals.

Create Effective Pay-Per-Click Advertisements Encourage Action

Local search product and text advertisements work best with a Call-to-Action (CTA) phrase. For example, “Buy Now,” “Free Shipping,” “Discount with Coupon,” and other similar short sentences help motivate local buyers to click on your advertisement. You’ll get increased exposure, higher click-through rates which pave the way to bigger earnings.

A Comprehensive Approach to Local Search Engine Marketing Works Best

There’s so much more to local search engine marketing. Website audits, press releases, social sharing, and content marketing are all integral parts of a unified local SEO and SEM package too. Tracking the results is just as important. You’ll want to know what to tweak, keep, and toss.

Compared to other forms of marketing, local search is the fastest way to a reach your business’s ROI. Our skilled staff at MAXBURST meets the marketing needs of businesses like yours and others every day. Our clients see the difference in greater visibility and profits. We know that a great SEM strategy is more than one advertisement or one business listing. It’s easy to get started. Realize your business’s full marketing potential today. Fill out this quick form , or call us toll-free at 888-MAXWEB (888-962-9932).

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