How the Next Google Algorithm Update Impacts Mobile Search

In February of this year, Big G made a huge announcement through their Google Webmaster Central Blog about the implementation of mobile friendliness as a real ranking signal starting on April 21, 2015. According to Google, this is to allow their search engine to serve results that are optimized for the devices of users. [Read More]

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    Reasons to Consider Creating a Mobile App for Your Small Business

Reasons to Consider Creating a Mobile App for Your Small Business

App development for small business makes more sense now than ever. Successful marketing increasingly demands customer centricity, and customer apps are a powerful way to reach customers. Mobile has become a vital channel through which brands connect with customers, and by viewing marketing from the point of view of the consumer, brands can develop [Read More]

Creating a More Engaging Business Website

Business websites have to have high quality content to be successful, but when you make the effort to design a visually engaging site, you’ll make that content more enjoyable, capture new visitors’ attention, and keep them around longer.

A beautiful, engaging website is more likely to be bookmarked or attract return visitors, and the [Read More]

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6 Ways to Make Your New Web Design Provide ROI

Launching a new website (or a redesign of your old one) is exciting. Today’s web designers know what elements go into a great web design, where to place them, and how to give you a website that looks amazing.

But that’s not quite enough if you’re running a business. The website for your company should [Read More]

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    Medical and Dental Web Design: Converting Visitors into Patients

Medical and Dental Web Design: Converting Visitors into Patients

Medical Website Design: 4 Things Every Site Must Have

The healthcare industry is a highly competitive field – especially for doctors or dentists in private practice. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of dentists in the U.S. is projected to grow faster than average over the next decade. The same holds [Read More]

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Tips for Designing an eCommerce Store for Mobile Devices

If you sell a product over the Internet, it’s not enough to have an awesome website. To remain competitive, you need a great mobile version, too. Thanks to advances in technology, more people are choosing tablets and smartphones over PCs. People use their mobile devices to do everything from read the news [Read More]

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