To put it simply, America’s economy wouldn’t function without its small business sector. Even though they may be relatively modest in size, tiny enterprises pack a powerful punch. They are responsible for 44 percent of the United States’ GDP.

As the economic environment changes, below are some website/ marketing and general business items that may be helpful in today’s landscape.

Boost efficiency with an up to date website.

Whether you are selling a product or service, consumers and potential customers often call businesses to inquire about basic details like where they are, what time they open, if a product is in stock, etc.. A dissatisfied consumer is the result of a missed call. In addition, calls might divert employees’ attention away from their primary responsibilities. Having a website up and running helps cut down on these phone calls and boost efficiency inside the company. At the same time, it improves the user experience by allowing customers to obtain answers to their questions without having to contact the company.

Consider selling your service and product online if you are not already doing so.

According to emarketer – “Worldwide retail and retail ecommerce spending is expected to stabilize in 2022, after two years of unpredictable circumstances and unusual growth patterns. Even in a slower-growth environment, total new spending will be enormous.

With ecommerce orders are processed with fewer humans involved thanks to e-commerce order management. For products and services the sales process can be streamlined through e-commerce thanks to the website or customer portal. This reduces the time and money on processing. Time and money that can be used to improve or add to your product and service.

Support your SEO with strong social media posts.

When you share anything interesting, helpful/useful, others who see it also feel compelled to share it, further spreading your message. In this method, you may boost your online profile, attract more visitors, and create inbound links. – Brian Winum at Maxplaces Digital Marketing

Well placed forms

Boost your business’s revenue by ensuring that individuals who get interested in your product or service online can easily get in touch with you using the details provided on your website. When websites are used properly, they generate a positive return on investment (ROI), despite their price tag.

Drive traffic to specific landing pages based on popular products and services.

Take advantage of your website’s historical traffic to zero in on the most qualified clients to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Consider data-driven decisions when allocating funds and resources

Using analytics, many things can be tracked in today’s digital environment. There is a wealth of information about the market and competitors, client habits and a company’s performance. A data-driven decision-making process, as opposed to gut feelings, can increase profits for any company.

Leverage credits and grants.

It is important to be educated on what grants and or credits your business may qualify for as the economic landscape changes.

“Most companies are eligible for an employee retention credit though they may not know they do. Even if the business has received PPP loans, or is a nonprofit organization, or private sector businesses. Maximum credits can range from $5000 per employee for 2020, to upto $21000 per employee for 2021.” – Leigh Schuckman at Zuma payroll

Credits like these can be really helpful and ease some burdens when planning for new initiatives.

What This Ultimately Means

Having a successful business is important for many reasons, you, your customers’, and the economy. No one can predict what will happen in the future, but if you can steer your company through difficult circumstances, you’ll emerge from them stronger than before.

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Sherilyn Lauren is a content contributor for MAXBURST and drives go-to-market strategies for content and social media. Sherilyn is passionate about education and inspiring audiences with interactive and multimedia projects.