Like a falling domino, one certain type of marketing error can eventually flatten a company.

When running a website, startups often blur the duties of marketing teams and web developers. The most noticeable side effect is a reduced bottom-line and revenue. It’s vital to understand how the roles of the developer and marketer differ. When new businesses realize this, they’re more apt to give marketers the tools they need to do their jobs. Website management and marketing is a team effort. The result is higher profits, better productivity, and happier employees.

What a Website Does for Your Company

Your website is on of the most significant marketing investments that your company will make. Anyone can view your website and find out about what you sell and how to buy your goods and services. It’s extremely important for all businesses looking to grow their market.

Web Developers Have a Specific Role to Play

Web Developers handle your website’s functionality and features. Among other things, they apply code so your website’s buttons work when clicked. Developers also ensure that items end up where they’re expected, but it’s marketing’s duty to upload the graphics and content. Fast-moving startups that make developers responsible for everything is like a bike peddling backwards. Moving in that direction can take your company out of a competitive state.

In Marketing, Timing is Everything

Marketing’s responsibilities include uploading images, editing, and posting articles on the company’s website. They focus on branding, SEO, SEM and more. Sales event notices, online campaigns, and informative blog posts are time-sensitive examples of website additions. It’s disadvantageous for marketing to make a formal request to developers to deploy code. For example, an online marketing campaign can’t wait months to launch. By then, it may be irrelevant to your audience.

The Answer that Solves Marketing’s Content Publishing Problem

Content Management System (CMS) software offers an easy-to-use solution for marketers. With it, they’re able to publish website content fast without the help of a web developer!

The 3.9 billion dollar web content management industry is expected to grow to 8.25 billion dollars by 2021. According to a recent report, WordPress has almost 60 percent of the market share of CMS. Other key players are Joomla, and Drupal.

A complementing tool for hosting CMS software is Pantheon. Its container-based setup is easy to use and efficient for marketers.

The Common (and Unfortunate) Life of a Startup’s Website and When Things Go Bad

Phase 1: You’ve designed your website using flat HTML/CSS or XHTML/CSS code. It’s fine to have your web developers take care of limited website content only in this very early stage.

Phase 2: Your business grows. You hire one or more marketers and you teach them “the developers way” to update your website.

Phase 3: Marketing complains because it is unable to update the website. They request a simpler method and CMS software. No one listens.

Phase 4: As your company matures, the marketing team becomes more frustrated. Departmental productivity slows down, but no one wants to point the blame.

Making the Case for CMS Software

At this point, there’s no doubt in your mind that something has to change. CMS software could be the answer; yet, upper management might not be so easy to convince. Here’s how to make their excuses tumble down to the ground so you can get back on the road to running a competitive website!

Excuse #1 It’s insecure
To remain secure, all types of software and hardware will need updates from time to time. Separating your website from the same core HTML/CSS or XHTML/CSS structure may in fact improve security. If your developers are unsure of how to set this up, outsource the work.

Excuse #2 It’s undesirable
Product developers may be opposed, but it’s not for them. Today’s forward-thinking website developers already use CMS software. Marketers need to update their content quickly with the CMS software you’ve chosen to incorporate into your website.

Excuse #3: It’s easier to make a request than to use CMS software
Marketers have experience in managing content. They tend to know more about it than developers . It’s worthwhile to listen to what a marketer has to say about CMS software.

Excuse #4: Custom CMS software is better than over-the-counter brands
A custom CMS solution can take months or years to complete. The cost may run into millions of dollars, and still have bugs in the finished product. WordPress and other software manufacturers have proven that CMS works for many businesses.

Excuse #5: Rebuilding costs too much money
Investing in a website is a choice that each company must make. Analyze your competition and stay in the game. Determine where your leads come from too. If having an active website is meaningful to you and your audience, rebuilding it is the right answer.

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