How to Maximize Your Website’s Marketing Potential

Websites designed with the “WEB” platform in mind increase in marketing potential and profits.

Compared to social networks, your website is your ultimate marketing tool and brand presence. It’s the one place that people still rely on for accurate information. Increase your website’s ability to draw in your target audience. Review some important things that are often overlooked by businesses of all sizes, both new and seasoned.

Choose Custom Design over Templates

Website templates are overflowing on the Internet. While it’s true templates make it easy anyone to get online, websites that use them tend to look alike. This is bad for your business because your goal is to get noticed so that your prospects remember you. Opt for a custom designed website and stand out from the cookie-cutter masses.

Remove Outdated Advertising Elements and Limit Advertisements

If you use affiliate advertisements on your website, remove the ones with rotating banners. They’re obsolete because over the past few years, many people have found them to be annoying. Limit the amount of advertisements on your website too. This puts the focus more on your business and that’s what you want your prospects to remember.

Keep Important Data “Above the Fold”

In 2015, the Neislon Norman Group published an article about its findings on how users perceive text in the upper area of a webpage. It showed 84 percent of users rate what appears above the fold. It affected whether they continued to scroll down to read the remaining content. Here’s what you can do: Make the upper part of your website compelling so visitors will want scroll down “below the fold.” This applies unless the content is for an iPad where users “sweep” to the next page. Remember too that lengthy content should have subheadings to break up article. It’s more effective than placing a “Next” or “Continue” button for them to view more content.

Add a Search Box to Reduce User Abandonment

In some ways, using a search box is quicker than clicking a navigational button. If the results return one or more relevant options, the user might spend more time on your website. Search boxes help buyers ready to buy find what they need faster. Make sure you have this important element on your website.

Include Informative Videos

According to its statistics, YouTube reaches more people aged 18 to 49 than U.S. cable companies. Take advantage of this market. Place instructional videos on your website. This helps your customers and prospects better understand your offerings. Besides bringing in some extra profits, YouTube videos give your business more exposure. The long-lasting, happy side-effect is an increase in your website’s marketing potential.

Create a Meaningful Content Blog

Power up your website’s marketing potential by adding a blog page. It’s a great way to address your customer’s questions a more in-depth way. Put tutorials and other meaningful quality content there. If you post videos, add written instructional content too. This gives your website visitors the option to either read or watch.

When your blog content shows up in search results, you’ve maximized your website’s marketing ability. Don’t forget to give readers a chance to receive email notifications of your next post or video release. That way, if they haven’t visited your site in a while, your notification of a new post will remind them.

The concept of maximizing your website’s marketing potential is all in its design. If it’s well-designed, it’s more likely to build trust. Our professionals at MAXBURST build websites from the ground up. We assist our customers with their unique requirements every business day. Call us toll-free at 888-MAXWEB (888-962-9932) or use this handy contact form today.


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