The concept of media buying is relatively new for some, but it is a part of a unique advertising ecosystem that constantly evolves. If you are wondering, media buying is a comprehensive campaign tool that can go beyond trends. Traditional media or new media, it doesn’t matter. Understanding how this tool can change your business position in an accelerated phase is essential.

Media advertising is at the heart of the purchase process. Media buyers or representatives understand that the success of a business campaign is not only about building a narrative. More importantly, the movement should reach the right audience at the perfect time, place, and frequency. Your campaign is one of the most pivotal parts of reaching the growth stage through high sales turnover. It also helps your website increase publicity through increased engagement and click rates. If that’s your current motivation, you are in the right place to learn.

Media buying is one goal of your web design and development: establishing a good impression on prospective customers. It may baffle you, but all your marketing platforms and activities are but one thread within them. Hence, giving equal importance to all web facets is a must for consistency.

To help you explore underexplored media buying as the essence of communicating your campaign to customers, here is some valuable information you must know.

What makes media buying relevant to your business?

Media buying is essential if you push for a powerful presence with your desired customers. In addition, it will give a holistic trajectory to your business campaign, especially if you’re relatively new in the market you are trying to penetrate.

Media buying is not a one-person bun investment. It will eventually affect every element in the pursuit of building solid brand awareness, brand identity, and brand recognition like your website.

Imagine you’ve invested in an overall website checkup and optimization program to kick off your brand’s desirability. You then will need to find something to promote your improved web designs. That’s where media buying carries out its purpose.

Media buying will bring people to your platform and allow you to showcase an in-depth message to boost your business campaign with the right target markets.

Who are the pillars of media buying?

Media buying is a complex advertising strategy that requires a team of qualified advertisers with licenses, accreditation, and experience.

If you want to focus more on operating the business, you can hire a programmatic media buyer, campaign manager, or media activation manager. Or, if you want faster and more effective hiring, you can hire an agency to provide you with everything.

Planning and implementation are standard practices in media buying. Hence, if you don’t have enough human resources, it’s better to outsource the job. Moreover, it’s a lot less risky because media buyers are very competitive since their skillset is hyper-focused on this area alone.

Traditional Media vs New Media

Traditional media is mass media. On the other hand, new media is anything concerning digitally infused media.

Traditional media covers:

  • Television, i.e., network, satellite, cable
  • Radio, i.e., AM, FM, satellite
  • Out of home media, i.e., bus boards, billboards, posters, lamp post
  • Direct mail
  • Print, i.e., magazines, newspapers

New media covers:

  • Search Engine Marketing, i.e., Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search Advertising
  • Social Media i.e., Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter
  • Blogs, i.e., personal, niche, business, affiliate
  • Online news publisher
  • Online Software and Websites

As you can see, the advertising ecosystem for the media is vast. However, these are just a tiny portion of each type of medium.

In actuality, there are already many digital versions of traditional media. For example, there are already digital billboards and lampposts across cities.

Breaking the Barriers

The divider between the two existing forms of media is already almost non-existent. Hence, creating a comparison between the two is more of a distinguishment of discipline than limiting your option.

In the digital age, collaborative spirit is slowly becoming a culture in the advertising industry.

For example, televisions are now used as equipment to buy inventory programmatically. These TVs are also functioning to amplify refined targeting ability, allowing you to target customers with the same interests and behaviors that fitly connect to the idea of your business model.

Television is a traditional media. On the other hand, Wi-Fi connectivity and program software to make tracking measurable are new media. As you can see, all forms of media are not impossible to combine. Sometimes, the ability to create an advertising mix is the trick to choosing a good media buyer since it shows versatility and flexibility.

Reasons Why Media Buying is the Key to Amplify the Success of Your Business Campaign

1Broad and Refined Targeting

Media buying will allow you to reach a massive potential market population. In business, everyone can be a target market, but not until you figure out your significant consumers.

Media like TV or social media will allow you to check the current feedback of different demographics (e.g., age, socioeconomic status) and psychographics (e.g., personalities, lifestyle) about your campaign.

Later on, the responses will give you more opportunities to define your target audience better. As added, you can also regroup them to create segmentation in the event of future product or service expansion.

To clarify, if you have a campaign agency that will manage everything else, they’re usually the ones to handle the market studies. You will be involved later on if the reports and decision-making start.

Media buying is a lucrative source of data about your consumers. Thus, the implemented advertising activities are more experimentation to make adjustments if needed once the markets react.

As you can see, media buying will make your business campaign more transparent and better. Without it, you’ll have difficulty figuring out what works and flops.

2Institutionalized Branding

If you are struggling with the settlement of your brand, media buying is a perfect way to commence the formation.

Media buying will deepen and broaden your brand awareness while educating them about your brand. In this part, you won’t need to worry anymore about people recalling your business. That’s because brand awareness will result in in-depth and breadth recognition.

Once your brand awareness takes-off, everything will follow:

  • Favorable brand associations
  • Multiple brand evaluations, i.e., emotional and rational evaluations
  • Relevant image and goodwill establishment, i.e., functional and moving image
  • Brand attachment, i.e., intense loyalty, sense of community, regular engagement

What makes media buying perfect is that once you achieve specific goals, you don’t need to quit such advertising activities. Furthermore, it will help you continue to grow rapidly Even if you change the purpose, it will never get out of place.

From brand awareness to brand attachment, you can utilize it. Moreover, it will safeguard your business from struggling with the decline stage’s consistent threat.

3Overarching Business Vantage

As mentioned before, media buying will influence everything that concerns your brand promotion. For example, it will increase phone calls, website visits, search traffic, foot traffic, and whatnot.

It allows every tie-in to showcase everything connected to your business for a more favorable impression and feedback. For example, if someone sees your business poster and decides to contact you using your website, it will showcase how visually stunning and user-friendly your website is. Hence, it is an added value to your goodwill.

In this respect, you need to be consistent in all aspects of your profile as a business. For example, you need great website design and product design. This principle is consistent with the marketing dogma that once your reputation increases, the expectation also increases.

44. Immediate Realization of Intended Goals

Everything listed above is a long-term benefit that one can acquire through media buying. However, you can also gain short-term benefits from this advertising scheme.

For example, you can benefit from media buying if you need an immediate call to action for a sale, event, service, or anything that needs a specific date.

Media buying is known for its faster turnaround time (TAT), which means the amount of time taken to complete or fulfil a request.

These short-term benefits are usually convenient only for those who have reached the maturity stage of their business.

The takeaway here is that media buying is a good investment because as you grow with it as a business, there are also acquired privileges that only limited companies can afford to utilize.

5Extrinsic Tie-ins and Community Integration

Media buying doesn’t only have intrinsic tie-ins, like the one mentioned in the overarching advantage, but also an opportunity to grow the business’ sense of belongingness in the community.

With all-day and all-week exposure to multiple media, your business can be on a podcast, radio live reads, and buzzworthy programs.

These extrinsic tie-ins will have a substantial impact on a community. Perhaps it will also give you sponsorships and external promotions.

The sky is the limit when it comes to media buying. Thanks to the First Amendment, you can freely build a community outside of your business.

Final Thought

A business campaign capitalizes on how effective the delivery of a marketing message is. If you fail to find the right audience in the sales funnel, you will eventually fail to know if your message works.

Media buying, for over a decade, remains a crucial part of every business’s advertising mix. So being able to empower your business using it is something worth trying.

Being successful in media buying depends on your expertise and skill set. But unfortunately, sometimes these qualities are not quickly learned in a classroom. So instead, companies and governments hire advertising agencies to provide competent matrix styles and compelling media buys.

For you, always ensure you’re making the right choice. Time and money are valuable. Don’t lose them.

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