There’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to getting online reviews. A Harvard Business Review working paper stated that if a business’s Yelp evaluation rating increased by one star, its revenues could also rise by between 5-9 percent. Positive comments written by customers give businesses instant credibility. It could lead to more sales. Realize what online reviews can do for your company and this may help you get beyond the fear.

Consumers Read Online Reviews

Today’s consumers look for ways to cut risks when purchasing at a traditional store or online. They often use the internet to compare prices, products, and to read reviews. Online reviews help consumers make informed buying decisions.

Online Reviews Draw In Referrals and Repeat Business

Consumers who share their feelings about a buying experience influence new prospects.  Positive comments help existing customers feel more confident about the business they’ve shopped at.

Gives Your Business an Edge

Unfortunately, many businesses are without an online customer review.  Now, is a great time to get these from your existing customers and outshine the competition. Reviews found on Google and from local search engines can even boost your website ranking.

Setup Your Business Profiles and Website Pages

Create your business profile on either one or more of the popular social media websites. These include Facebook, Yelp, Google and any other one that you value. With permission, sprinkle portions of online reviews on various pages on your website.


Get started fast by sending emails to your best customers asking them to write a review. Attach links to your public social media website online review pages. Don’t forget to express your thanks and let them know that they can contact you if they have any questions. 

Keep it Authentic

Beware of offering incentives for online reviews, as these can backfire. Consumers like hearing about genuine experiences and opinions that aren’t puffed up. Positive reviews by real customers stand the test of time.

The Best Time to Ask for an Online Review

Ask satisfied customers to write an online review immediately after the sale. While the experience is still fresh in their minds, they’ll be able to write in a thorough and enthusiastic way. The more time passes by, the fuzzier the details, the shorter the review. Waiting longer than one week may be too late. 

Learn How to Deal with Negative Reviews before it Happens

It’s a wonderful thing if you haven’t received many negative comments. Be ready to deal with one by creating a “diffusion” action plan. A bad review has more negative consequences if the business doesn’t respond. Reach out to the person who complained and investigate the situation. It may be a simple misunderstanding. Apologize and then try to resolve the issue. If that doesn’t work, remember that two or more positive reviews following a negative one may offset it. 

Embrace whatever your customers have to say, whether it’s encouraging or less than that. When you’re prepared, you take away the fear of getting online reviews. Consider making getting that type of feedback part of your marketing strategy. The comments will work like “silent marketing.” That’s because prospects and existing customers can read the reviews anytime, 24 hours a day/seven days a week.

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Steph Mojica