Ever since eCommerce became the norm, online advertising has been more competitive than ever. Businesses are constantly looking for better ways to market their brands, products, and services online. The introduction of social media opened a new marketing frontier, one that has boosted eCommerce a great deal for the last few years. Social media is a rich marketing resource for those that know how to use it best. Below, you will learn just what makes social media marketing so rewarding for businesses.

  1. Almost everyone is on social media.
    For an advertising platform to be relevant it must have users. Leading social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram boast billions of users. Today, most of the young tech-savvy internet users have profiles on more than one social media site. Combined, this creates a very lucrative marketing platform because most of the people you want to reach online are already on social media.
  2. Social media users enjoy repetitive viewing all day.
    Traditionally, marketing has always been dependent on how many views the message can get over a given period. However, in terms of specific individuals, traditional advertising offers very little repeat viewership for individuals. For example, one is likely to view a newspaper ad or a billboard just once on any given day. On the other hand, social media offers a staggering rate of repeat viewership. This is because social media users view their accounts multiple times throughout any given day. This greatly increases the possibility of users on social media viewing your message or advert.
  3. Social media offers highly targeted advertising.
    In regards to paid marketing, social media is a great marketing platform because it offers tools that allow you to target the specific market you want to reach. For general products or services, you can target every user on social media. However, if yours isn’t a general product or service, you can narrow down your target market by age, country, location, gender, and even interests/likes. This highly increases the effectiveness of your advertisement. It also lowers your expenses because you’re only targeting a select group of people and not the entire social media community.
  4. The networking factor.
    Social media is all about networking. Social media sites are structured in a way that one can easily see what their friends are up to at any given time. When you create a social media campaign, whether it be a competition, an event or a video, different users will like, follow, tweet or engage it in some way. After that interaction, users within that individual’s network will see that their friend has engaged with your campaign item. They then become interested to see what that is all about and some end up joining the campaign as well. And the cycle continues.
  5. The viral factor.
    When something gets on social media and receives a lot of buzz, it is said to go viral. The viral factor is another element that makes social media marketing so appealing. If you create a campaign that is interesting enough for the masses, it can go viral and bring your business unprecedented publicity. It’s simple. You create a campaign, could be a photo, a meme, a video or even a message. You then share this with your followers, and in turn, they keep sharing it to their individual networks. Soon, millions of people are viewing your item and your business is being talked about everywhere, even on mainstream media.
  6. Social media marketing can be an extremely affordable solution.
    Marketing costs a lot of money, doesn’t it? Social media marketing can cost you very little if you are smart about it. Sharing advertisement videos or pictures on your social media account is mostly free. At times, these items can get just as much circulation as a paid ad does, if not better. You can also market your online business using other techniques such as creating an event or a competition. Again, this will cost you very little or maybe even nothing at all. You can also post your marketing material to ‘marketplace’ groups on social media for free. The options are endless but does require a proper strategy and creativity.
  7. Social media marketing grows your prospective client base.
    Another advantage of social media marketing is that it enlarges your prospective customer base. Anytime you begin marketing your business on social media, you stand to win new prospective clients who will follow, like or add your business to their networks. Although these people might not make a purchase right away, they are interested enough to add your business to their feed where they can keep an eye on your products and services. Since they are already interested in your business, chances are that they will turn into customers within no time.

Social media is one of the internet’s greatest creations to date. At this time and for the foreseeable future, social media is one of the biggest movements online. So take advantage of this massive platform and get your business seen by potentially millions of people.

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