Marketing professionals may utilize any marketing strategies that use electronic gadgets to send promotional content and track its impact throughout the client journey. Digital marketing, in essence, refers to marketing initiatives that appear on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. It can come in many different forms, such as online video, display advertisement, social media postings, and ads. Digital marketing is frequently contrasted with conventional marketing methods, including magazine advertisements, direct mail, and billboards. Surprisingly, television is sometimes grouped with conventional marketing.

You have certainly heard or read online about Netflix’s Korean series Squid Game, regardless of whether you love to spend your evenings watching TV episodes on streaming or not. Nevertheless, it is among the most popular series in 2021, and, maybe unexpectedly, it provides important business-related information.

The Netflix show focuses on situations in which poor individuals are encouraged to participate in children’s gameplay with dreadful risks if they fail. Compared to the other major Netflix programs, Squid Game received almost little promotion in the United States before its premiere, but it nonetheless managed to be one of the most talks of the town story of the year.

The story was already written around 2009, with the writer attempting to have it chosen up for years, but nobody ever wanted to make such a violent and unrealistic storyline. But, like any digital marketing business that has undergone an overall website checkup for its success, the show’s popularity is largely a result of great luck and excellent timing.

So, whether you are an avid fan of the show or a digital marketer, the top 10 critical digital marketing lessons you can find in this successful Korean game series are listed below.

1Choose the perfect partner.

The value of your gaming partner or team is one of the main principles taught by the Squid Game. If there is a mistake, it will be disastrous for both of you. Just like how critical it is to choose the correct Marketing Company to guarantee the effectiveness of your business’s digital marketing activities. For the best outcomes, always make sure you are in a marketing company that can provide your business needs.

A company’s transition must be complete for the most substantial benefit from digital transformation. Given the integration of structures and procedures within that digital era, every slowdown in data transmission reduces the efficiency and efficacy of all system components. As a result, bigger businesses that can benefit from scale economies throughout the digital transformation initiatives are better done by working with industry specialists who can assist them in making the most of the solutions.

2There is no rush; you do not always have to be the first.

In the first episode of the series, there is a game for players called Red Light, Green Light, where the game of chase is replicated. Players must strive to make their way to the other side without getting shot. The episode depicts two players running swiftly but stopping for passing in red light. The remaining players become aware of the life-or-death scenario, play the game cautiously, and just a handful make it across the end zone.

Likewise, the first moving company does not always win in digital marketing. Whether it is generating a viral phenomenon or a new tactic, odds are the second or even third ones will reap the most out of it. In reality, the digital marketers acting as a second person can analyze the risk and implement or modify techniques to maximize the value. But do not choose to be the last person to enter the game and miss out on this fantastic chance.

3Planning and having the best strategy

There are various instances in Squid Game where last-minute planning pays off and allows the participants to advance to the next one. Having the right strategy to implement in your digital marketing business is essential. Setting targets depending on funding and fine-tuning campaigns based on assessment is essential in digital marketing success.

A marketing plan may help you build the groundwork for your continuing digital marketing efforts. If you do not include a particular plan in your strategy, your digital marketing effort may miss the mark of overall aspirations and fail to reach your company objectives.

You do not have the clear objectives needed to accelerate your business success online if you do not have a digital marketing plan in place. Therefore, it is vital to establish your targets, how you want to achieve them, and how you intend to analyze and optimize your digital marketing in the next years.

4Level playing.

In Episodes four and five, Gi-5-member Hun’s tug-of-war team faced a 10-member team in the game. Gi-hun, on the other hand, was successful with his plan. When you are a newcomer to digital marketing, you will frequently have to contend with experienced players and win over to advance. However, digital marketing levels the playing field regardless of the opponent’s strength. The important thing here is your strategy and effectiveness.

Excitingly, digital marketing and technology advancements assist marketing businesses, therefore leveling the playing field among small and largest brands worldwide. As a result, small companies can advertise alongside some of the world’s greatest brands, competing with them and exhibiting authenticity, boldness, uniqueness, and ingenuity.

Presently, over 200,000 brands are marketing on Instagram, mostly small companies. They provide a broad spectrum of services and products and have achieved real business outcomes through various innovative concepts.

5Expect the unexpected.

Each episode of the Squid Game has intense moments in which the contestants face life-or-death situations.

The same is true for digital marketing. When the PPC lead generation advertising campaign fails, digital marketers face a life-or-death crisis. You could never be completely prepared for occurrences in your operations, just as Gi-hun in Squid Game.

However, you have the option of deciding how to address these concerns. Many factors, ranging from ad copy adjustments to changing algorithms, might knock the campaign out of balance. Attributing and correlating the outcomes of your marketing efforts is essential for long-term survival.

6Be a keen observer.

Detective Jun-Ho surprised everyone else with his keen sense of observation. Jun-Ho was a critical thinker of his environment, progressing from laborer to manager and then posed as a server in a VIP area. He used his awareness to take advantage of any opportunity to engage, infiltrate, or withdraw based on the situation.

Various private organizations own social platforms, and online marketers depend on them for promotions. As a result, knowing the platforms is essential. Furthermore, because you operate in an ever-changing business, you must be attentive and watchful of what is going on in the industry, keep an eye on the competition, and analyze your possibilities.

7Think creatively and differently.

To thrive in the Honeycomb match, participants must overcome norms and think outside the box. It is necessary to have a creative bend of thought and develop an unusual answer. To thrive in today’s fast-changing environment, you must be adaptive and flexible. What helps a digital marketer push the boundaries is the development of unique solutions to provide your business with a competitive advantage.

8Expect that you are being observed.

The participants in Squid Gaming are being observed at all times, even after the games have ended. A Front Man watches and monitors all events in a control room. Likewise, In digital marketing, you are being observed from every angle by social media moderators, audience members, and the owner, who can access the statistics and assess your campaign.

9Fair play.

There are various circumstances in Squid Game in which individuals advance by lying (Ali’s marbles in episode six), taking down someone else for self-gain (glass bridge in episode seven), or directly eliminating others (night riots in episode four). Almost every participant in the game does harm to others to acquire an advantage. However, the lead, Gi-hun, is concerned about his other players, even if he must also consider his advancement in the program.

Many digital marketing strategies trick the system and get a key edge over the competition. However, many people attempt deception or proving competitors incorrect, among other things. It will, though, harm your business brand in the long run.

10Do not focus on the results.

Sang-Woo is among the most adored and despised characters in the Squid Game. From episode six onwards, Sang-path Woo’s victory was difficult since he was constantly torn between making the morally just option and maximizing his selfish gain. While in episode two, he assisted Ali, he abandoned him for his gain in Episode six. Most company owners in digital marketing industries do not have the luxury of waiting for the campaign to begin functioning. While it is critical to generate leads and sales, relying solely on them will backfire.

Squid Game’s popularity teaches every digital marketer that creativity and innovation are essential. Furthermore, it demonstrates that marketers cannot always rely on historical data to predict what will happen next; creative brands should constantly consider getting sensible precautions with existing marketing tactics.

Squid Game pushed the boundaries of what it means to be a TV program, changing how viewers absorb and engage with information. Regular material will only gain your business average exposure, but a very powerful idea that is exciting and unique will cause your business to go viral, leading to numerous free marketing.

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