Are you hesitating to create an Instagram profile for your brand?

You may have read contradicting advice and now you feel even more confused. Should you do it?

Instagram is indeed very popular among B2C businesses, but what about B2B companies? Will you be able to find your target audience on this platform? How will Instagram even fit in your marketing strategy?

Say no more – we get you. We felt the same way, but we decided to give it a chance. And it turns out – Instagram for businesses has quite a few benefits.

In this article, we’ll explain those benefits and help you decide whether or not you should start an Instagram business account.

How Instagram Helps Your Business Thrive

In one survey, 100% of participants said – yes, Instagram is absolutely an effective platform for B2B businesses, and it can bring significant results when it comes to generating leads and raising brand awareness. In the same research, almost 20% of participants also said that 50% of their website traffic comes through Instagram.

Here’s what they believe are the 5 best benefits of using this platform for B2B marketing.

1. There Are So Many Active Users

Over 70% of daily active users on Instagram are under the age of 35, which undoubtedly covers a good percentage of your target group. And not only do these users have an Instagram account, but they also actively use the app to discover new brands, products, and people to follow.

If you stand out with unique and engaging content, chances are they’ll soon discover you, too.

2. It Has Powerful Business Features

Personal profiles on Instagram don’t have a range of powerful features that business profiles can access. First, there are Insights that help you find out what kind of content has the most success among your audience. You can also track various other metrics via this simple but important feature.

Other significant options include sponsored posts, contact information on your profile, Instagram shopping, call to action buttons, and more.

3. You Can Make Your Business Relatable

As you can post different types of content on Instagram, it gives you an opportunity to create educational, promotional, and entertaining content.

By using Stories to tell people about your brand’s mission, sharing relatable memes, and humanizing your brand, you can successfully establish trust among your followers and help them decide to work with you.

4. It Increases Your Brand Visibility

Instagram allows you to reach broad audiences quickly by maximizing Stories, hashtags, influencer marketing, giveaways, and more.

That’s an excellent way to raise brand awareness and increase your online visibility – it’ll bring more people to your profile, likely turn them into followers, and finally, potential clients or customers. That’ll translate to increased revenue, as well.

5. You Can Check Your Competition

Want to know how your competitors are doing? It’s easy to “spy” on your competitors on Instagram and find out when they post and what kind of content resonates with the audience in their case. But not only can you learn how they speak to their followers and more, but you can also use this platform to build rapport with them.

People were delighted back in 2020 when Burger King asked their followers to order from McDonald’s, so showing your competitors a little love on social media is not such a bad thing.

Get Started Today

No time to waste – these benefits should be more than enough to convince you to create a business profile for your company right away.

Instagram gives you access to more people than you can imagine; it encourages good communication between you and your followers and allows you to share relatable and valuable content. All of this contributes to an excellent brand image that will enable you to establish trust and authority in the market and thrive even more.

Meet The Author

Stephanie Brown

Stephanie Brown is a graphic web developer, content writer, digital marketing pioneer, and all-around animal lover. Stephanie often enjoys inspiring and empowering people to create marketing strategies that customers will love, igniting real results for businesses.