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Threadsy is a dedicated provider of high-quality blank apparel from top-selling brands. Since its establishment in 2021, the company has been committed to offering exceptional products and a superior customer experience. With a focus on quick fulfillment, Threadsy ensures that orders placed by 4:00 PM EST are shipped the same business day, allowing customers to receive their purchases promptly. They also have a Customer Care Team available to provide real-time assistance, which highlights the company’s dedication to exceptional service.
Furthermore, Threadsy believes in providing great value to every customer, regardless of the order size. The Everyday Best Price guarantee means that there is no minimum order, ensuring that everyone can access high-quality products at competitive prices. Driven by a love for empowering individuals and small businesses to pursue their passions, Threadsy aims to support creators in expressing themselves, connecting with others, and bringing their unique visions to life.


A clean and intuitive layout is crucial for e-commerce success. However, Threadsy’s old website was cluttered and confusing, which hindered user engagement. It needs a fresh, modern look. To improve user experience and simplify navigation, Threadsy requires a user-friendly interface. The proposed solution is to migrate from Magento to Shopify Plus. This transition can help streamline Threadsy’s purchasing process, making it easier for visitors to find products and reducing potential cart abandonment. 

The migration involved a comprehensive redesign and integration with various apps to ensure a robust e-commerce ecosystem. We have set up Shopify Payments as the payment gateway, provided post-launch assistance, and established 301 Redirects to minimize any loss of organic traffic. Additionally, we have implemented a responsive design to ensure the site is compatible with all devices. This can improve accessibility and potentially increase conversion rates, customer loyalty, and retention.